What Is Instagram

If you enjoy taking photos and sharing them with friends, the easiest way to do it is through Instagram.

love-heart-yellow-photography-medium Instagram is a popular photo-sharing app and social networking site which has been designed exclusively for sharing photos with friends. While it is true that other sites such as Facebook and Twitter also allow users to share their photos, Instagram takes it one step ahead by providing users an easier and faster way to share photos to all of their social media accounts. This include sharing them in Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, Tumblr, Foursquare and Swarm among others.

Another feature that’s unique to Instagram is how it allows users to create photos that looked like they are taken by a professional photographer. This can be done through the app’s wide array of filters that the user can choose from in order to give his photo a different perspective.

Similar to Twitter, Instagram users can also share and view other users’ photos through the app’s follower feature. If your friends in Facebook and Twitter are also using Instagram, it will be easy to find and follow them. Even finding new people to follow is easy as you only need to search through the images that have been posted on the site.

Once you find a photo that you like, you can tap the name in order to see the user’s profile. You can decide to follow the user if you want to see all his photos.

Using hashtags is another way to discover photos in Instagram. Some of the photos include a hashtag in the caption which users can easily click. Once clicked, all photos that carry the hashtag are displayed. It’s also possible to search for hashtags when the user is looking for particular types of photos. For instance, if he wants to see pictures of cars, he can search by adding a hashtag to the word cars (#cars).

Initially, the Instagram app was only available to iOS users. Now, even Android and Windows users can also enjoy the features of the popular photo-sharing site. There are of course some minor differences in the user experience offered by every platform but that’s understandable. It all boils down to the same purpose which is sharing photos to friends in a way that is so much easier and definitely more fun!

There are now more than 400 million active users in Instagram. That’s quite a huge achievement considering that it was only released on October 6, 2010. Two years later, Facebook acquired it for $1 billion. The app can be easily accessed through the App Store, Google Play and Windows Phone Store as a free downloadable content.