Useful Apps For Instagram

useful apps for instagram


With more than 80 million photos shared by Instagrammers every day, users may find themselves constantly looking for ways to get their posts stand out from the rest. Luckily, there are now a number of other photo apps available to help users enhance their images further.


  1. Word Swag


Word Swag is a great app for creating text layouts in just a single tap. With an exclusive feature known as “Typomatic “ type engine, Word Swag can easily create personalized quotes and poster designs in a more stylish way; enhance one’s blog or website with awesome graphics; make one’s food and travel pics look more interesting by an added caption; create beautiful greetings; and add branding to one’s profile images.


  1. Replay


With Replay, users can quickly add up to 200 photos or videos to create a single video stream which they can enhance further by syncing it with music. In just 3 easy steps (select, create and share), videos easily come to life and appear more like the work of a professional.


  1. Snapseed


Snapseed features a rich bunch of pic-tweaking tools that Instagrammers can use absolutely free. Their latest update includes the addition of a new HDR SCAPE filter for more vibrant images and a Shadows slider that’s good for darkness and lightness adjustment of images.


  1. Over


Users who want to add text to their images with an artistic or provocative touch should try Over. It features transparency tools that can easily create a faded effect on the letter which eventually adds a subliminal message to an image.


  1. Instawords


With more than 100,000 users and a five star rating, Instawords has been recognized as the best app when it comes to adding text to images and turning a text into pictures. The app features a number of themes, fonts and cool backgrounds. Users can even re-edit their creation by changing the font or by simply choosing a new background.


  1. Facetune


This is a great app for retouching selfies photos. It can remove spots, enhance the skin texture and eyes, fix grey hair, reshape one’s face and even make bald patches disappear.


  1. Studio

This app allows one to edit, create and share amazing designs based on one’s images with friends. It taps the user’s creativity side with features such as scaling, positioning and coloring any of the photo’s design element.


  1. Photo Shapely


This app allows users to put their images on eye-catching Shapes & Frames which they can easily share in their favorite social platform. It is the only app that offers more than 150 frames to choose from, absolutely free.


  1. Vont


This is a free mobile app that allows users to add text to videos. It is a free app that features over 400 fonts to choose from.


  1. Magisto


This is a video editing app that allows users to create their movie by adding themes and music. It is a fun and easy way for editing one’s photos and videos.