Myths About Instagram

myths about InstagramAround half of the adult population of the world now owns a smartphone. It has become the fastest-selling gadgets in history. Along with this bit of knowledge, it’s no wonder that mobile apps also continue to be an integral component in every mobile device.


The photo-sharing app Instagram could just be the fastest-rising app as far as app popularity is concerned. In just nine months, the number of active monthly users of the app increased from 300 million to more than 400 million. It is said that there are over 80 million photos that are shared through the app every day.


While these numbers are no doubt impressive, there are still some misconceptions or “myths” that are surrounding the app which need some explanation.


Myth #1. Instagram lacks professional appeal.


Instagram has made it so easy for users to share their photos through the service that some have started thinking the service has become more like a personal affair which makes it unfit for businesses. In reality however, Instagram is a perfect platform for businesses that are serious about connecting with their audience. If their customers are in Instagram, they shouldn’t look someplace else to make their business widely known and to eventually increase their  reach.


Myth #2. Instagram is only good for businesses that sell visual products.


Visual products are those that need to have their pictures displayed in order to be appreciated. Most of them are categorized into areas such as clothes, bags, makeup and jewelry. These products speak for themselves and may not need to come with a description in order to spark interest.

Businesses that don’t have visual products to sell and instead thrive on providing services can still use Instagram as their marketing platform. What they can do is they can use pictures to show their customers and potential clients an inside look into their company culture, company milestones, office environment in a professional setting, customer appreciation, insider tips, etc.


Myth #3. Instagram has no systematic way of measuring results.


Businesses that are investing in Instagram need to know that their marketing efforts are earning results. Similar to Facebook and Twitter, Instagram now has a number of analytics platforms for its users. These tools can measure anything at an indicated period such as the number of followers gained, top posts by engagement, interactions, filters, and more. Some of the popular analytics platforms for Instagram include quintly, GramPro Stats (for iOS users), InstaFrManager, Crowdbabble and Instacube among others.