Instant Celebrity

instant celebrityPeople who became an instant celebrity through Instagram never really thought in their wildest dreams that they’d be famous one day just by Instagramming. Out of the ordinary, these people suddenly find themselves getting thousands of followers in Instagram in just a very short period of time.


Here are just some of the people who suddenly became an instant celebrity because of Instagram.


  1. Matthew Noszka (@matthew_noszka)


Matthew was only 21 years old when he was discovered on Instagram by an agent who works for Wilhelmina, a modeling agency that was founded in New York City in 1967. Prior to becoming famous on Instagram, Matthew was a senior student pursuing a business degree at Point Park University. One of his biggest plans after graduation is to go abroad and become a professional basketball player. His plans changed when agent Luke Simone discovered his Instagram profile. With 290,000 followers on Instagram, Matthew is now one of the fastest rising male models today, thanks to his unusually spectacular eight-pack abs and impressive height of 6 feet 2 inches.


  1. Amalia Ulman (@amaliaulman)


Amalia is a Spanish-bred artist who hails from Argentina. Her fascination on pop culture’s obsession with famous celebrities on Instagram made her decide to become one herself. The first thing she did was to study the profiles of the most popular Internet users who she referred to as “ghetto girls” and “sugar babies.” She studied their language, the hashtags that they use, and their selfie styles. After a month of studying, Amalia created a fictional version of herself  on Instagram. In just four months, her Instagram gained a whopping 65,000 followers. When asked how she earned so many likes and followers in a short period of time, she responded that it is simply because she likes to follow trending topics. Amalia now has more than 70,000 followers on Instagram.


  1. Mohammad Qasem Torabi (@salarpolad)


Mohammad is a 28-year old shepherd who likes to spend most of his time at a farm in Golestan province  located somewhere near the Caspian Sea. From being a simple shepherd, Mohammad is now one of Instagram’s instant celebrities. His photos depicting his simple lifestyle earned him a huge following from people who are mostly urban Iranians. He uses Instagram to tell the world how productive he is in his life and how happy and relaxed he feels while in his village, things that city dwellers find very attractive. He now has more than 40,000 followers on the site.


  1. Charlotte McKinney (@charlottemckinney)


Charlotte revealed that she used to be bullied in high school and suffered from dyslexia which made her decide to eventually drop out at the age of 17. She was given several “nicknames” such as whore, slut, and fake boobs. At 21, her dream of becoming a model finally came true after debuting in a Carl’s Jr. commercial. She uses Instagram as her online portfolio where she was also discovered by Guess. She now has over 600,000 followers on the site.