Instagram Endorsements

instant endorsementsThese days, seeing a celebrity endorsing a product in Instagram has been a common norm in the social media platform.

Obviously, these people are being paid by companies in a huge sum of money by making a simple post on their account.


Perhaps the most popular and maybe even controversial Instagram endorsements ever made were those that came from Kim Kardashian. Early in August 2015, the TV personality was in a hot seat after a post she made on the social media has been disapproved by the FDA even though it earned more than 4,000 likes.


Celebrities are just some of those Instagrammers who use the social media to promote a product or support a certain brand. Others who are also into Instagram endorsing include fashion bloggers, professional athletes, etc.


People who like to endorse through social media are sometimes called “influencers.” They have this unexplained charisma to their followers that whatever post they make, it’s always seen as authentic and real.


However, being influential is not a sole trait found among famous people. So long as you have more than 10,000 followers in Instagram, companies will see you as an “influencer.”


These days, top influencers on the photo-sharing service are attesting to the fact that their simple social media habit of posting snapshots can actually bring in real money. There are those who receive thousands of dollars in exchange for Instagramming a single photo that endorses a company’s products.


According to Mobile Media Lab, Instagram users with over 100,000 followers can easily earn from $700 to $900 for every brand photo that they share. Those who have a higher number of followers, perhaps around half a million, could command $2,000 to $3,000 for every snap that places a brand into their feed which eventually would be seen by their followers. Fashion-focused Instagrammers can charge a whopping $8,000 for just one sponsored photo.


Danielle Bernstein of “We Wore What” revealed just how much the brands are willing to spend for a single post. With more than 900,000 followers back in May 2015, she said that she would normally charge companies anywhere between $5,000 to $15,000 in exchange for featuring certain products in her snapshots. She now has more than 1 million followers.


Annual spending of brands when they secure endorsements from bloggers usually reaches more than one billion dollars. This goes to show just how lucrative it is to use the platform for product promotions.


A survey also revealed that endorsing through Instagram has a greater chance to reach millions of users. More than half of the respondents said that they usually spot endorsement posts by celebrities in their timeline.


Now that it has more than 400,000 monthly active users, Instagram has indeed evolved from being a simple photo-sharing site to a money-making opportunity platform.