My No-Risk  Money Back Guarantee

InstaCuration is guaranteed to give you 100% satisfaction in every way.

I do not want you to have anything from me, Harlan Kilstein, that is not completely satisfactory.

Not quite sure? 

14 day money back guaranteeYou have two weeks - 14 full days - to dive into the first three video modules of the InstaCuration Program.
If you decide that this program is going to require you to step too far out of your comfort zone, or that you’re simply not committed enough to quickly growing your profitable business with Instagram, then simply request your full refund before the rest of the video modules are made available to you.


I’ll happily give you your money back! 

Beyond the two weeks after you register, I will assume that you are committed to the process. Your non-participation will not be a valid reason for a refund request beyond the two week refund period.