Examples of Businesses On Instagram

examples of business on instagramNow that it has recently reached 400 million users worldwide with 75 percent coming from outside the U.S., there’s no doubt that Instagram is now the fastest rising social media network in the planet.


As more and more individuals are turning to Instagram, it’s no wonder why even businesses who have already established a name in the industry still believe that joining the platform is one of the best ways that they can extend their visibility and eventually reach out to their audience.


Probing closer at these businesses, it turns out that they all share at least one or more similar traits why they are making waves in Instagram. Let’s take a look at some of them and their most prominent “Instagramming” trait.


General Electric. The company gives Instagram users the unique experience of viewing images of impressive engines and turbines that helped shape the energy, transportation and aviation industry. Not only do they post high-quality photos and videos of larger than life engines, they also post inspiring and motivational quotes from known scientists and engineers. It’s like getting a one-minute crash course about the industry they are involved in although in a more entertaining kind of way.


FedEx. The company uses the platform as an avenue for customers to share their exciting experiences such as unboxing a newly arrived package. As a result, their profile consists of a range of imagery wherein emotions such as excitement and joy become obvious, essentially the type of emotions that it wants to be associated with.


Chobani. Chobani uses the so-called “mimicking approach” or “posting what their fans are posting.” This way, their content manages to remain relevant and engaging. It’s simply understanding what their consumers are posting and then doing the same thing. They make sure that they are on the platform every day to know what is trending among their consumers.


Sharpie. Instead of using Instagram to promote their products, Sharpie uses the platform to celebrate art and their customers’ experiences with their own product creations. Fans are definitely engaged as shown by their photo feed made up mostly of sharpie-inspired art images that are fan-submitted.


Salesforce. The company has successfully made people feel excited about the type of work that they’re doing which can be easily seen from their Instagram profile. They are able to showcase their culture by using images that depict their community involvement, corporate responsibility, business growth, passion and how wonderful their workplace is.


Intel. The company has a subtle way of promoting their products by showing them in everyday circumstances. They even provide consumers with valuable insights on how using their products and technology can help them fix common problems.


Head Games Salon. This company combines offline and online promotion of their services. They keep a huge sign in front of their physical salon which invites customers to check their Instagram account. Customers easily remember the sign. If they like what they see in Instagram, they book an appointment.