Buying Fake Likes

buying fake likesA number of studies have already been made on cases of social media users who allegedly like to spend their money in order to gain more likes in their account which turn out to be fake.

These people are under the illusion that having a high number of likes make them look more popular than they actually are. While it is true that likes are indicative of one’s popularity, sooner or later, this trend of faking things in social media will backfire.


In the case of Instagram, buying fake likes clearly violates what was written on the social network’s Terms of Use. The page, which had been updated and started to become effective in January 2013, stated: “You must not create or submit unwanted email or comments to any Instagram members (“Spam”).”


Buying Instagram “likes” can cost around $25 for 1,000 likes. Some online sites even offer the feature as part of their main services. One of these is the site called “buzzoid” which has services such as “Buy Instagram Likes” and “Buy Instagram Followers.” They even claim to deliver the “purchase” instantly once payment is confirmed.


For the price of $2.97, an Instagram user can instantly get 100 likes. Other pricing tiers that are being offered are $6.90 (500 likes), $29.99 (2500 likes), $39.99 (5000 likes), and $69.00 (10,000 likes).


There are also apps that have been created specifically to help the user get more likes for his photo. Rameet Chawla said that his app, “Lovematically,” allows users to automatically like each posted image in their Instagram feed. By liking other people’s photo, it is expected that the move will be reciprocated. If the “like” went to the right Instagrammer, the user can suddenly see his feed showing an unexplainable spike in the number of likes.


However, Instagram disapproved of the service and eventually decided to block the app.


Instagram users believe that gaining more likes will eventually end up in gaining more followers. Having a high number of likes and followers give them a boost in their ego and make them look more appealing to brands or to their fans if they are a known celebrity.


Instagram is aware of this trend and will never tolerate it. In the latter part of 2014, Instagram reportedly deleted millions of accounts as a move to crack down on spammers and fake Instagram users. Affected users complained that the crackdown resulted in their number of followers to plummet at an uncontrollable rate.


Buying fake likes and fake followers are certain to have repercussions in the end. There are four main reasons why it is such a bad idea to enter into this type of “transaction.”


  1. Buying fake likes and followers will only increase the number but not the engagement or edgerank score.
  2. The user may end up spamming his followers.
  3. The user is bound to lose his integrity and reputation.
  4. There is no way that the user can be assured his actions will never be discovered.